I was part of the team that conceptualised and executed a complete creative shift for Petbarn and an enormous content suite to ensure SEO search wins and ultimately, an increase in sales and brand perception as the authority in pet care. 

The campaign was led with emotive, engaging video content, supported by a suite of evergreen content released every day and buzzy, noisy articles and social pieces designed to grab the attention of the consumer. After creating the content plan, including tone of voice, objectives, content pillars, social strategy and more, it was my role to create a dedicated team and oversee the rollout and return of a successful plan. 

I've since created content across every facet of the execution - from video production, to social execution, crafting stories, interviews, features, information guides and more. I can confidently say I know more about cat litter than any human (who doesn't even own a cat) should. But who can resist making content for pets and the internet? 

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