b. 1986, HK.


specialities :

Digital and editorial content strategies
Team management and development
Women and teen lifestyle features
Parenting, travel, surfing content
Social media content creation
Video production

+ more


It's lucky that Lulu Wilkinson doesn't play favourites because she has carved out a career that bounces seamlessly between creating video/TV content, magazine features, social media campaigns and newsroom content, content strategies and there's even been some merch and licensing deals in there too. Put simply, Lulu believes in creating quality content in the best form for what it needs to do. She loves a challenge and always respects the audience - and she's had the chance to speak to a wide variety of them. Most of all, Lulu believes in the power of excellent storytelling - whether its mission is to sell a product or just spend a great afternoon in the sun, having a banter over a damn good glass of wine. She has an obsession with Netflix and is a great trivia night asset when it comes to the category of "celebrity junk no brain should retain." Her husband and "two peas" Paddy and Piper keep her busy - and very happy.
She is currently available for freelance projects.

CV available here.